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Since 2018, investment management firms in the UK are required by the Financial Conduct Authority to publish cost and charges data.

In this context the UK Investment Association and the Association of British Insurers created the Defined Contribution Pension Template (DCPT).

The DCPT is used to provide UK pension scheme managers with cost and portfolio related information. In parallel the independent Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) was introduced.

This initiative provides institutional investors with standardised reporting templates (CTI, ICT).

what this means for your reporting

The use of DCPT and CTI/ICT templates is currently voluntary. However a binding directive is being discussed by the FCA. Firms managing or selling investments in the UK will not be able to avoid the use of these templates for long.

Regularly publishing data under the DCPT and CTI standards brings additional challenges around data management, transaction cost calculations and reporting. It would be ideal if companies could leverage their existing reporting infrastructures.

our solution: acarda CTI / ICT / DCPT

The acarda solution and our managed services automate the end-to-end process for DCPT and CTI reporting and so minimise your efforts.

flexible data management

complete risk, performance & cost calculation

integrated transaction cost calculations

correct creation of the exchange data

comprehensive distribution functionality

what’s special about the acarda solution

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