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EPT- & EMT- distribution

The European PRIIPs Template (EPT) and European MiFID Template (EMT) are standard formats for PRIIPs and MiFID-II compliant reporting and disclosure of data.

Since the PRIIPs and MiFID II regulations became effective, financial product distributors and providers of “packaged” investment instruments and capital-forming insurance policies are required to report detailed product data.

Asset managers and their service providers must disclose all fund data and accompanying product and distribution costs.

The EPT and EMT guidelines have been established as industry standards for the disclosure of relevant data.

what this means for your reporting

The standardised, regulation-compliant exchange of fund data is essential for the distribution of investment products.

Investment companies and asset managers

must be able to calculate and transmit their PRIIPs data according to EPT and CEPT standards. In this context, it is important to find a solution that minimises effort (data management, risk, performance and cost calculations, report generation, etc.) and costs.

Insurance companies and financial distributors

are required to obtain, verify, evaluate and further process data standardised by EPT and CEPT. Again, the challenge is to find an efficient, cost-reducing solution.

our solution: arep for EPT and EMT

The arep platform and our managed services offer you a complete solution for the entire process chain of report generation. (see also our modules arep PRIIPs EPT, PRIIPS KID/UCITS KIID and MiFID II EMT)

what’s special about the arep solution

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