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The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) instructs financial firms to publish detailed information on the costs and target market of financial products and services.

The European MiFID Template (EMT) was created to facilitate the publication of MiFID II-relevant fund data by fund manager distributions teams. The use of the EMT is not compulsory but it has been established as the main way of exchanging fund data. In order to facilate compliance with the MIFID II/SFDR Level 1 requirements, the FinDatEx-platform provides an interim version 3.1. of the EMT for common use since 12 February 2021, which contains 4 new fields for collecting ESG data. More details are available on FinDatEx.

what this means for your reporting

Given the wide market adoption of the EMT, fund managers ought to be in the position to publish their MiFID II-relevant data in this format. The EMT version 3.0 is already mandatory since 10 December 2020. The interim version 3.1. will now exist in parallel until FinDatEx creates a final new version 3.1 of the EMT based on the relevant legislation.

Furthermore, MiFID II imposes extensive requirements relating to data management, calculations and report creation. To avoid an unnecessarily high workload a technology and service solution must be found that can build on synergies with PRIIPs and other report types.

our solution: acarda MiFID / EMT

The acarda platform and our managed services automate the end-to-end process of MiFID report creation for all relevant templates and platform interfaces. This could also be combined with your PRIIPs EPT reporting (please refer to our acarda module for PRIIPs KID / UCITS KIID and PRIIPs EPT).

flexible data management

complete risk, performance and cost calculations

integrated transaction cost calculations

correct creation of the exchange data

comprehensive distribution functionality

what’s special about the acarda solution

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